24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.


Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential Plumbers!



24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential Plumbers!


24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential Plumbers!


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Copper Repiping

Covina Copper Repipe

Homes, apartments and condominiums constructed prior to 1970, more than likely have a water distribution system constructed with galvanized steel pipe. Over time, the galvanization wears off exposing the steel, and it begins to rust and deteriorate. A rusting and deteriorating pipe will compromise the function and functionality of the pipe, and, as a result, there is a reduction in water pressure and the appearance of discolored water.

The old steel pipes are typically located under the concrete slab of a house, and they can be difficult to repair, as it means removing a portion of the concrete slab, cutting the section of damaged pipe, welding a new pipe section in place and replacing the concrete floor.  If there are multiple leaks, it only makes sense to replace the entire pipe.

The repair method used most often is called copper repiping. This is accomplished by abandoning the existing pipe in place and replacing it with new, type “L” copper pipe above the concrete slab. It eliminates the need to remove the concrete floor and leaves the pipe in a position where it can be repaired easily in the future. For more information about copper repiping, contact Covina Copper Repiping for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

The Benefits of Copper Repiping

Not only will copper repiping solve the leaky steel pipe and discoloration of water problem, the method will also restore any lost water pressure and return water temperature balance to the system. Water temperature imbalance will occur if someone is in the shower and someone else flushes the toilet or opens a faucet anywhere in the house. The person in the shower will experience a short blast of scalding water.

Copper repiping will remedy several water related problems, no matter if it is hot or cold water. The specialists will evaluate your plumbing and determine if your house is a candidate for a partial or complete copper repiping.

If you are planning upgrades to your home or will be remodeling your home, you might want to consider copper repiping as part of the project. Even if, you are not experiencing a drop in water pressure, discolored water or temperature imbalance, the work you will be doing will most likely provide access to the plumbing in your home anywhere. It will be cost effective to include copper repiping. Call Covina Copper Repiping for a consultation regarding including this work in your remodeling plans.

Just what is Copper Repiping?

copper-repipingCopper repiping is the process of replacing old water pipes with new copper water pipes. Covina Copper Repiping only uses American made type “L” copper piping. Covina Copper Repiping is the piping experts to call when considering replacing your old pipes with new. Covina Plumbing is a member in good standing with the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) so you can be assured of receiving quality workmanship. All the plumbing specialists are trained in the art if copper repiping and will install new pipes efficiently. Covina Copper Repiping will also install emergency shut off valves if there are none present or will replace the emergency valves if they are worn or old.

You can be assured when Covina Copper Repiping specialist works in your home; they will take the necessary precautions to protect your home and your property from damage. They will cover all work areas with the appropriate covering and remove all tools, equipment, materials and supplies at the completion of the project.

If you are experiencing problems with low water pressure, discolored water, water temperature imbalance or suspect leaking pipes, call Covina Copper Repiping and schedule an evaluation.

Pipe Problems

Leaking and rusting pipes are considerations for copper repiping. Replacing the old with new will not only upgrade  your plumbing system, it will also bring peace of mind knowing there will be no surprise plumbing problems, at least for a while.

If you suspect your home may be a candidate for copper repiping, call Covina Copper Repiping for an evaluation. The copper piping specialist will visit your home and after evaluating the piping, will offer a free cost estimate to perform the work. Not only is the cost estimate free there is also no travel charge to visit your home.

In some cases, new water pipes can be installed in the attic and run either inside or outside the walls to the plumbing fixtures. If the pipes are run outside the walls, most likely the pipes will run through the back of a closet or a cupboard. This will give the plumber easy access to the pipes if future repair or replacement is required.

Copper pipes can also be placed above the concrete slab rather than under the slab to provide for easier access in the future. If you have questions or concerns about the piping in your home or suspect a problem is brewing, contact Covina Copper Repiping and speak to a piping specialist.

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